Posted 2 weeks ago

Ohhhh *.*

Confira o Tweet de @RCArmitage:

Posted 3 weeks ago

And boys… We just got three Emmy Awards!!! Weeeeeeeeeee!!!

Posted 2 months ago

Malcolm: Who was that in the video?

Caesar: A good man… like you.



Posted 5 months ago

Sooooo happyyyyyy :D :D

Posted 7 months ago

Weeee :D :D <3

#imaginedragons #vampireweekend

Posted 7 months ago

Happy b-day, master! Let’s go, blues! :D


Posted 7 months ago

Os viciados :D


Posted 8 months ago

Wherever you go, you will always be the best. * Thank you. #juanmata

Posted 8 months ago
Posted 8 months ago

Oh god :D :D :D